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Friendships or friendshits?

Hola people! I want to talk about friends. And how I have some of the most amazing friends in the world and I hope they feel that way about me. Some may know already that I pretty much get along with everyone. I'm a people person. I love knowing about other people and how you think and your likes. I have a friend who says she will never forget when we first talked because supposedly I asked her "so what are you, just white?" Don't ask me why I would have said it that way but I was curious about her background. My sister asks me all the time why I keep in touch with everyone. Obviously we all know FB helps us keep in touch. I have lived all over and met so many people throughout my life. And I just love to see people happy and to see their journey through this fucking mess of a world we call home. I even have some customers from old jobs and new jobs that have become friends to me and I keep them on my FB. And yes I call them friends. I don't use the word acquaintances. Friends I have known my whole life are like family and even if I've known you for a short time you are a friend in my eyes. Even though we all have busy lives and can't keep in touch as much as we want I still think we all need each other. To help each other learn and grow. Yes there are those bad friendshits, and you have to cut them out but mostly everyone I've known has some good in them and I want them to be a tiny part of my world. I really hope I make these people I have come in contact with throughout my life feel the same about me. I can only really think of one friend I had to cut out my life, and I considered her my best friend. And it wasn't cause she wasn't a good friend to me, I mean she wasn't but I had to cut her out because she had disrespected my other best friend. I can take a lot from people which is a bad habit. But I really wouldn't cut you off I'd just distance myself. This situation I just couldn't do that. But most of the time my friends are the best. One time after my ex-husband and I separated I somehow was at work and needed someone to pick up my daughter from school. And a friend I have known since 3rd grade but haven't spoke to them in a good 10 years offered to pick her up from school. Never had bad blood with her, our lives just grew apart but we were great friends for a long time and I was ever so grateful for that favor. And if I can help whenever she needs help I would do the same. It really does take a village! We need to see things in others points of view, we need that advise we may have never heard of, Or even someone may have a skill you do not and need to be taught how to do something. I have had a friend come to my house and clean and wash dishes when I was too depressed to get out of bed. And I have done the same. I had sent Xmas gifts to a friends kids after not seeing her for 10 years who was in a time of need and I had only known her for about 5 months back in 2005. There is so much ugly and negativity in this world and I refuse to be apart of it. I hope my kids learn to love people the way I do. Shit call it networking if want. But my ass has been saved by people I know, my friends. I even have friends who are 10 years younger than me. And man they are some of the most amazing best friends I have ever known. One of them I see like a daughter even. And her son as a grandson, even though I'm way too young to be a grandma. lol They mean the world to me. My kids even call her their sister. I have a best friend who I have known for over 10 years and our kids say they are cousins. I also have a best friend who has been my best friend for 21 years. We definitely go years without seeing each other and go months without talking. But when we are together or are talking its like we never missed a day of each others lives. Friendships are so amazing. These strange people just come into your life out of the blue. Like if it was meant to be. Somehow you came from different areas, different backgrounds, different homes, different likes and dislikes but somehow there is a force that pushes you to that person. A bond like no other. You are not in the same family and are not forced to see each other. But this bond makes you take time out of your crazy life to spend time with them. You grow to love their family as your own or not. Then there are those friendships that are weird. You don't have the same interest, don't know the same people, don't work at the same place, your lives are going in different directions. But this magical force that keeps you together. I have a friend who I don't have a lot in common with but we just have a connection that I can't explain. I don't even have to say anything and I know she understands how I'm feeling. Like when we hang out or talk I am automatically relaxed. No judgement, no negativity, no arguments, no pressure. She loves me for me and accepts me for me. No matter what! She truly wants me to be happy even when she knows I'm fucking shit up and not listening to her advise. She respects me and tells me how she sees it but still lets me live my life. She knows I have to make my own mistakes to learn from them. But then again life is not always black and white there so soooo many grey areas. Ugh the grey areas. But she's still there in those black, white, grey, yellow, green, purple areas. Always. We can talk everyday and still when we see each other we can just sit and talk for fucking hours. I love you friends!

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