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Hello people

Welcome to my blog! I have never been good with words or feelings. Soooo this is a whole new world for me. I hope you can learn, or laugh, or grow, and maybe even cry with me on this journey of sharing my life and experiences with you. Not in order but I'm a mom of two, special need mom, a full time retail store manager, I am divorced, I am a sister, I am an amazing friend (you can ask them), I am a DIYer, I am not an animal lover (sorry not sorry), I am a "hiker" (Texas doesn't have mountains ☹), I am a future business owner (working on that now), college drop out, and currently a fitness model. Hahahah jk I am on a fitness journey, trying to lose weight and get healthier. I have not been skinny since I was probably 17. Anyways this is a tiny bit of me and I hope you can enjoy learning about me as we go on. Good day, I said good day!

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