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How to......

Get your friends and family to read your damn blog. Yo people I know you have busy lives. But it's a pandemic, don't act like you don't have time to read my blog.

Ok seriously though, I would like to expand this and get more people to read. So please my people share and share and share. And read it too!!! Please give me some ideas that you may want to read about. Or ask me something you want to know about me or even just life. Or tell me a story and I can work off of that. I was trying to blog everyday but its a bit hard. But I really am trying.

So here's a little quick story. I am in the process of opening my own business. I currently work at a retail pool chemical and equipment store. My work background has always been in retail. I like a fast pace always changing type of job. Not the type to sit at a desk (since I suck at even using a computer and I hate staring at a screen all day) But I have been pretty lucky with the retail jobs I have had. One was at Sears (2.5 years) I learned so much about the tools & hardware, paint, lawn & garden departments. I've always been a hands on type of person. I love fixing things on my own. And then I worked at Home Depot (2 years) Learned even more about how things work. Now where I work was like a dream when I started. I can work in the store and do what I'm use to doing but then a guy got hurt and couldn't clean pools. Soooooo what do I do? Tell my boss sure I can help. At these jobs it always seems to be more of a male dominate work force. So I was happy to show off. And I loved it. Being able to work outside in the beautiful Texas weather. And come back to the store to cool off and do my other work. It was great and got even better. I never realized how much work it takes to keep up a pool. I kept riding along with my boss to help him clean, diagnose, repair and install new equipment. And I'm fucking good at it. After working for him over 3 years. I realized I can do this shit on my own. I already run the store (stock, sales, inventory and all the other crazy shit that comes with retail store) and the pool route (payments and schedules and making sure 2 guys are where they need to be and doing what needs to be done) and keeping track of all our repairs and installs (equipment orders, payments and schedules). And of course my #1 job which I am so fucking good at, CUSTOMER SERVICE. Man I wish I wasn't a people person sometimes. LOL Just kidding I love my customers. I love being able to help them and find that answer to all their crazy questions. I truly love my job. And man can you make so much money. So I decided it was my time to start my own business. I was going to start slow and just do the simple stuff. Since I need a license to work on electrical equipment. But today I have talked to a new owner of one of the stores and just talking to him for a few he said I should really try taking the test for the license. I have been thinking about for 2 years now but just didn't have the confidence. Then he said the book, class and test is gonna cost me over $500. So now I have to come up with this extra money as I'm trying to save for all my other business expenses. I walk in the house after work and what is sitting on my dinning room table??????? Two checks from over payment on the property taxes for my house!!!!! And what do these checks equal......... the same amount it is for me to get my fucking license. So I'm taking this as a sign and I'm going to get that damn license!!!! Fate you say? Yes I fucking think so!! Wish me luck my peoples. I love you all.

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