Ok you didn't read my last forum or didn't care to respond so here's a surprise

I'm a huge smart ass to please don't take my sarcasm to the heart. So hello people let's talk about self love!!!!!!!! As a mom we all forget to show ourselves LOVE. We love our kids so much that when we do for them we think its what really makes us happy. Yes that is true. But remember you have been you longer than you have been a mom, or even a wife/girlfriend/ boyfriend. What I have learned in the last 10 years is that I CANNOT be a great mom not even a good mom if I do not take care of myself and love myself first. Yeah yeah yeah you're superwoman you can do it all. But eventually you will burn out. I have people all the time ask me why I make my son (10 years old) do his own laundry. They ask me why don't I watch cartoons all day with my kids. They ask why are my kids making their own dinner. They say wow it sounds so quite at your house, are your kids not home. Why are you calling me from your driveway when you can just go in the house. All the answers to these questions are because I LOVE MYSELF!! Some days I just need time to myself. I can't come straight home from a stressful day at work to kids wanting all my attention and I have to put on a happy face to them. Cause believe me they can read my emotions right away. Especially my son. He's the sweetest. He will come to ask me a question and read my emotions and then back away and give me time. Its not like I ignore my kids and don't take care of them. (Well sometimes I ignore them but not when its important) I need to get my emotions in check before I can give my kids the attention they deserve. Thats why I may sit in my driveway and talk on the phone before I even step foot in the house. Sometimes I dont feel like making 3 different dinners that night (my daughters a vegetarian and my son is 10 and eats nothing) so I tell them fend for yourself tonight. Also its so quite in my house cause I don't like to have a lot of people over.. our home is our quite place. We need a break from each other. So we go to our rooms and relax so that when we are ready we are not all on edge and frustrated with each other. We as moms or even dads have so much on our plate that we just can't be super that day and we need to love ourselves first that day. It also teaches your children that you will not be there at their beck and call every moment of their life. They need to figure things out on there own. Problem solving skills are good. Being bored is so important. Kids are so over stimulated these days.. I like to take a book and go eat lunch alone sometimes. I like to go on walks alone. Sometimes I'll even buy myself a little treat to eat on the drive home from work. Cause you know these kids don't need anymore junk food. I've even gone on vacation without my kids. Its is essential that you do not forget or neglect yourself. Like let's get real everyday is for your kids. You work to feed and cloth them. You cook and clean for them. You take them all over the city for extracurricular activities. You have play dates with kids/parents you may not like, for them. A lot of the time you even work a job you are not in love with cause it has the pay and benefits. And worst of all I have to be nice to stupid cheating idiot ex-husband FOR THEM. LMFAO You know what I mean. We do so much for other people. We need to do for ourselves!!!!! You owe it to yourself to tell them NO sometimes. Kids have an attention span of a goldfish they will see something else shiny and move on to the next thing they want. They will thank you one day for not giving them everything and being unhappy while doing it for them. They want us to be happy. They want us to be happy as much as we want them to be happy and thats all about compromising. Back in 2015 I decided to go back to school. After being out of school for 11-12 years. And I thought it was because I wanted a degree to give them a better life. Which was kinda true but I needed to go to school to grow and learn for myself. I went to college and it was amazing. I made new friend learned so many new things. Like that college is not for me lol But I showed my kids you have to try even if you fail. I am just not a good student. I went to school for American Sign Language Interpreting. It was something I dreamed of. And I did most of it and learned so much. But I just could not pass my regular class such as math and history. But hey I tried and it wasn't for me. Now on to my next adventure. We think life is short and we have little time to do things. This is not true. People are living to 100!!! Come on people 100 years to try and test and explore and experiment. Fucking love yourself and go out there and do what makes you happy. If I played it safe and did everything for my kids and then took care of myself when they left home then I wouldn't be where I am today. Somewhat college educated, a fucking home owner (which I never thought was possible back home), a future business owner and planning a trip to another country. You have sooooooooooo much love in you. Its not just for your kids and SO. Love yourself love your friend love your family love your neighbors love everything. Love the colors in the sky, love the little noise you hear while out for a late night walk, love the time you have with everyone, love that song you haven't heard in years, love being able to fix the thing that needed fixing, love the sound of laughter (I love the sound my kids laughing with their friends), love that nice long hot shower you were finally able to take without interruption, love the ugly effortless drawings your kids bring home from school, love the ugly pics taken of you cause you were having so much fun you didn't care about the pic being taken, love that no matter what you know you will figure out whatever you need to figure out, love that your SO has to always be touching you even though he's taking up the whole bed, love your body its the only one you got, love love love love love love!! Some people ask me why I still talk to certain people or people I haven't seen in over 10 years. And its because I FUCKING LOVE MYSELF. They were a part of me and that part was a good part, no point of throwing them away just because we have busy lives. I love my life. I love my family and friends and most importantly I LOVE MYSELF! GO TRY IT!

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