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Traveling is a must

I never been on a plane till I was about 19 years old (2006). It was a horrible experience not because I was scared but because who I went with. So it was me, my daughter (18 months old) and my mother🙄. She has many illnesses, mostly mental. So we were going to Fort Jackson South Carolina to see my sister graduate from basic training in the Army. I actually don't really remember the flight that much. My daughter did a great job. Sat on my lap and was quiet. But my mother, this crazy lady was holding on to to me so tight and literally screaming as the plane took off and landed. It was sooooo embarrassing. It wasn't my first time in SC. Since I have moved there with my daughter and her father just a few months after she was born. I did not get back on a plane until 2016. But we have had many road trips. When I was maybe 12 or 13(1999 maybe) my mom made me and my sister go on a trip with (one of the greatest men I've ever know) my great Uncle Herbert Ray. He drove us down the most boring drive in the world through Southern Illinois, we went to Kentucky first. It was very scary for two city girls. Some of my moms family lives deep in the mountains of KY. We were scared of everything. We laid around and watched TV the whole time. But it was so beautiful. Driving up and down mountains with our ears popping while being able to see the next town right down over the edge of the mountain where we were driving. My sister even called my mom crying because a cow moo'd at her. My mom taught us to be scared of everything that I didn't get to enjoy it like I would have if I went now. Then we were on our way to Tennessee. Met some new family and seen some family I haven't seen in a while. Growing up my mom moved us back and forth from Chicago to Dayton, OH. So I have been there many times but I lived there shortly in 1992-1993 and 1996-1997 and then again for 2 years in 2000-2002. Then I believe it was 2013 when my grandma had passed away. We decided to drive down to Arizona. We drove all night nd all day straight there. Went to sleep, went to my grandmas funeral and then hopped bacon the road back home to Chicago. Eight of us squeezed our asses in to a van. It definitely was a rough couple of days. New Mexico was a beautiful state to drive through. We drove through about 6 different states. Then in 2014 I took my first roadtrip with my kids to Ohio to see my best friend. Then in 2016 I went to NYC!!! New York is amazing. Not just Time Square but the whole city is beautiful. It feels like you're in a movie. I also was able to go hiking in Cold Spring, NY. That day changed my life. I swear the Sarah that went up that mountain was not the same Sarah that came down. I climbed and climbed and climbed. I faced my fear of heights also. The old Sarah died on the fire tower on the top of that mountain and new born again Sarah walked back down. But thats another story. I think traveling is so beneficial for your life. It shows you new things not only about the world but about yourself. I don't think I would have been able to pick up and move to Texas if it wasn't for my traveling. I mean its not like I traveled the world, yet. But just 2 states over can be a huge difference. 2016 was also Boston for my 30th birthday. Boston is so quiet for being in a big city. I loved all the history is was so cute there. 2017 was our move to Texas. I don't like to drive on the highway and definitely don't like to drive on the highway at night. So it was a long trip. We had a few stops to sleep and then a cute little stop in Murfreesboro, AK. You can dig for diamonds there. It was hot and gross and we found zero diamonds lol But the kids loved it. Then after 4 long days we made it to Texas. Our new home, for now. 2019 my sister decided to take me to Denver, CO. I LOVED COLORADO!!!!!!!! Went hiking at Gardens of the Gods. I love to hike. It's like therapy to me. And here we are in the end of this crazy year of 2020!!! And I'm in NYC again. This place has a special place in my heart. Always will!

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